Barentsburg / Spitsbergen

A Short Journey

Passed the northern line, you enter a world of purity where the horizon plays with your sight to disappear in the infinit white. 

In the Arctic, humans found no other way to survive than digging coal, which is mainly unusable today.
This russian old station of the Svalbard, was created during the Cold War to spy on the americans. Like on a chess game, they would always be aware of their opponent's next moves.

The mining industry was just a paper reason to claim a part of the world's Arctic floating in the middle of the North Atlantic to spy legally on the exchanges between Europe and America.

Today, the station remains activ with 400 russians and ukrainians, mining to support themselves. Seeming like abandoned by the motherland, everything is left outside to rot and be destroyed by the nature in front of every one's eyes.
This beautiful and perfect heaven that is the Arctic sees itself melting in the ocean, it's clouds and snow dyed from the human black smokes.

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